Enzo Angles has made a great performance.


Gold in junior teams. Medallist in singles. STIGA´s Enzo Angles from France has made a great performance in the Multiversum hall in Schwechat right outside Vienna. Sunday he goes for a big upset against the gold favourite Simon Gauzy, also France.

Enzo Angles became the favourite among the spectators during the quarter finals late Saturday evening. At several occasions he was forced back far from the table of his STIGA colleague Benedikt Duda of Germany, playing the ball almost up to the ceiling in the huge arena, and not only that, but also winning the rallies with big applauses from the stands as a thank you from the audience.

At another occasion he suddenly chopped the ball from his position far from the table, like a defensive player, then turning back to his ordinary offensive style and winning the point. Again the spectators bursted out in thankful applauses for this beautiful touch for the ball.

- Such balls are always good for the head, Enzo said after the match.

- My first three sets in the quarters were really good (11-8, 11-1, 11-6). I started the first game with some hesitation, was down 5-7, turned it and did an incredible safe at 9-7.

- In the fourth I was close to close the match but lost at 9 and in the fifth Duda played better and better. I felt he really was on his way into the match, reaching all his potential.

- So I was lucky to win 4-1 through 11-9 in the fifth. Had I lost that game I could have lost the whole match. So was my feeling.

The inner insecurity was not to trace in the appearance though. Enzo seemed unbeatable out there, only losing two games on all his way to the semi finals, where he meets his countryman and number one seeded Simon Gauzy.

- We have not met for a long time in competition and I am looking forward to it. I know I can win if I play well. Everything is possible.

For the male part of the French squad the goal in teams and singles now is received. Gold in teams without losing one single game throughout the whole tournament. And also all the four places in the singles semi finals are booked for four Frenchmen, besides from Enzo and Gauzy also title defender Tristan Flore and Antoine Hachard are among the top four. When Hachard made his semi´s beating Jost of Germany in the quarters, all the four French juniors ran in to the box, squeezing each other and hugging each other and dancing a wild and joyful winning dance with the arms around one other´s neck.

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